Your TWO SVGE frames and lenses feature coatings that require special care to avoid scratching.

You should avoid your eyewear coming into contact with any possible contaminants such as salt water, heavy sweat, grease, dirt etc especially if they have been worn at work, as these contaminants can cause corrosion of the lens coating over time. Due to the various chemicals and compounds found in beauty, skin and hair care products it is recommended to keep your eyewear and lenses clear from creams, sunscreen, makeup, deodorizers, sprays, aerosols, etc. Rainwater can contain salt and other impurities that, if left on polarised lenses, may lead to smudges, spots and potential corrosion of the lens coating over time.

If your eyewear comes into contact with any of the above, the eyewear should be rinsed, cleaned and dried immediately ensuring no water is left to dry on the lens. Clean lenses only with the micro-fibre bag provided. If the frame or lens needs additional cleaning use only gentle, lukewarm water. Cleaning lenses with anything other than the provided cloth can scratch or damage the lens and coating. Never use cleaner sprays as they are not suitable for use on your lenses. Scratched or peeling lenses are not covered for replacement.

Always store your eyewear in the pouch and hard case box provided for protection (especially if you are transporting them in a tool bag or backpack) and preferably in a cool dry space, away from excessive heat (such as the dashboard of your car) or direct sunlight.