TWO SVGE was founded in Perth, Western Australia 2019 by brothers Lewis & Alex Nolan (@thenolanbros)

"A large proportion of the human population are confined and controlled, existing in a repeating cycle of life we are taught to believe is correct. Creativity, passions and dreams are lost…. but within us all is the power for change. To break this cycle. Hard work and self belief is the key to create the life you have always desired."

We wanted to share this message with others, and we began creating bold unisex eyewear with the hope of every piece being worn not just as ‘sunglasses’ but as a reminder to believe in yourself - you have the power to create any reality you desire.

Not only that, we wanted to make our eyewear accessible to as many as possible. So we made a promise to always offer Premium Eyewear at Exceptional Prices.

Here we are now, a few years later building one of the best brands and communities in the world.

- Lewis & Alex Nolan (Founders)