Looking to the future and always in a constant pursuit of growth we have reached a point where it is time for a change.

What started as a personal brand ‘The Nolan Bros’ has very quickly become so much more. With progression change is inevitable, and now is the time for a shift in our name.

A new name that better represents you guys, our incredible community of dream chasers and go getters, and a name that will be able to fuel our growth and see us reach and impact millions more.

What will change: The name! Our new name will be slowly rolling out across our socials and products throughout the rest of 2021.

What won’t change: Our incredible product and service! There will be NO changes to the structure or service you will receive from our brand, it is still simply 2 brothers supplying you guys with premium quality sunglasses at an extremely affordable price, with the mission of inspiring others to wake up to their true potential and start living the life they truly desire.

We thank you guys for your incredible on going support, we hope you are as excited for this new chapter in our journey as we are.

Stay tuned as we roll out more updates… And welcome to the beginning of a new era, welcome TWO SVGE.